Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fall of Dalaguete Beach Club as a Tourist Attraction

          In time of the presidency of former president Ferdinand E. Marcos, Argao Beach Club known today as Dalaguete Beach Club was one of the tourist attraction in the Philippines. It is interesting to note that this tourist attraction made the country to be known as the beautiful beaches in the world. It is because of the effort of former president Ferdinand E. Marcos.A lot of foreigners would visited in the country Philippines because of this beach.It made the economy of the country to became a progressive.

         But when the presidency of president Marcos was ended,Dalaguete Beach Club also end as one of the tourist attraction in the country.
         As of now,Dalaguete Beach Club is in the state of renovation for the good purposes in our country.To all Politicians who wants to help this beach,you may find this in the province of Cebu which is Dalaguete.